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Thursday, July 05

A Look at Spectrum Sharing

By Brad

Paul Barbagallo of Bloomberg BNA examines the promise — and challenges — of the government sharing spectrum with wireless providers:

So far, neither the FCC nor the NTIA have begun to address the many questions that are now beginning to emerge: Who will share with whom? If wireless carriers must share spectrum that is licensed to federal government agencies, who retains priority access? What are the rules for the wireless carriers when they are using spectrum licensed to the federal government? And, perhaps most critically, what “type” of sharing ultimately will be promoted?

Currently, there are three sharing models under consideration: Geographic-based sharing, in which a wireless carrier may use a federal agency’s frequencies only in certain geographic areas; “temporal”-based sharing, in which a wireless carrier may use a federal agency’s frequencies only during certain times of the day or year; and technology-based sharing, in which wireless carriers and a federal agency would each use a cognitive, or “smart,” radio device that can search wide swaths of a spectrum band for “quiet,” or unused, frequencies over which to transmit and receive data. As for the latter, another important question looms: What will the new software required for each mobile device mean for the size, weight, battery life, and, ultimately, the cost of the handset?

Barbagallo’s full story is definitely worth checking out.


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