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The Podium

Thursday, July 21

Cutting the Cord

By Brad

Over at Forbes, Dorothy Pomerantz reports on new research firm SNL Kagan that anticipates 12 million households will be ditching traditional cable service within the next four years. The reason? Entertainment options over broadband.

While a loss of 12 million of the estimated 100 million households currently subscribed to cable and satellite may not seem like a lot, the trend is definitely moving toward a streaming and download future.

Reader Comments

I think that it is ok to stream but do it the right way. I don’t think streaming illegally is the right thing to do. I know that a lot of people don’t want to pay an arm and leg for cable or satellite, but that is why you have to get the most for what you are paying for, like me. As a customer and employee with DISH, I try to get everything for my money. I have the top package, which is the America’s Top 250. The way I try to get the most out of that is by having the HD free for life and the Sling adapter. The Sling adapter is currently free after rebate and it allows you to watch LIVE TV (your package) everywhere you go on your phone or computer.  Then I have the new Blockbuster Movie Pass, which allows me to stream on demand titles, get movies through the mail and get 20 additional movie channels from DISH. That is currently free for new customers for up to a year. DISH allows you to get everything you can for more than you are paying. I think it is really worth every penny! Be sure that before you cut the cord and before one of those 12 million that cancel, check out DISH today!

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