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The Podium

Monday, March 23

A Computer in Every Child’s Pocket

By Brad

With smartphones gradually taking over the phone marketplace, allowing people to jump on the Internet no matter where they are, it’s becoming more challenging for parents to monitor what their children see and do while online. Enter an innovative new application for the iPhone which, as Read Write Web reports, makes “net nanny” software portable:

For $14.99, the iWonder application doesn’t just block web sites, it also lets parents see exactly what sites their children visit. Parents can view this data remotely from either their iPhone or their home computer (Mac or PC). The application also integrates technology developed by Life Record Inc. for iWonder which allows parents to simply touch a button in order to shut down the device from afar.

The company touts that their software can even save a child’s life: “For example, if you see traffic from your child’s iPhone or iPod touch looking for information on suicide, explosives or other alarming material you will know instantly. If your child is on My Space and is talking to a pedophile, you will see the profile of that person, and any activity between them and your child.”

While that may be true in a handful of cases, for most kids, just knowing there is a monitoring application on their device will probably keep them out of trouble on the net, the same as with a monitored home PC.