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The Podium

Thursday, May 13

Against New Regulations

By Bruce Mehlman

From a Sunday editorial in the Boston Herald:

Net neutrality means service providers cannot discriminate against content providers in any way. This was at issue when Comcast concluded that BitTorrent customers were delaying ordinary Internet traffic through peer-to-peer swapping of massive files, such as entire movies, and thus delayed BitTorrent traffic. The FCC sanctioned Comcast (which had since made a deal with BitTorrent); a federal appeals court said it had no authority to do so.

Internet carriers have warned that full telephonelike regulation would lead them to cut investments in network expansion by billions of dollars. They would be fully justified. The Net could become clogged, which would lead to demands for more regulation. If they understand their own interests, users like Google should be the first to protest against the FCC plans instead of cheering the commission on.