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The Podium

Monday, September 24

Falling Behind in Spectrum

By Brad

At the Daily Caller, Scott Cleland warns the U.S. is falling behind when it comes to allocating spectrum for wireless use:

[T]he federal government’s obsolete regulation-first-mindset has America falling quickly behind the world in auctioning government spectrum. The U.S. Government has an abundant supply of spectrum available to auction, if only they didn’t hoard, mismanage and waste it.

There is no way the Government can justify hoarding 85% of broadband-grade spectrum when the Government only uses 1% of the nation’s energy, 30% of the nation’s land, and 8% of the nation’s workforce, or when all government public safety personnel can get by with just 20 MHz — the equivalent of 1% of the government’s auction-able broadband spectrum hoard.

Cleland goes on to note that Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Japan have each reformed their spectrum allocation.