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The Podium

Friday, September 30

Word From T-Mobile

By Brad

With the Justice Department suing to stop the merger of T-Mobile and AT&T, T-Mobile president and CEO Philipp Humm has written an op-ed for the Seattle Times to highlight the company’s reasons for the merger:

The proposed merger of T-Mobile and AT&T will solve an inexorable need for increased network capacity and speed, and it advances the public interest in many different ways. That’s why we at T-Mobile look forward to a speedy settlement of the Justice Department’s lawsuit — a step that will allow consumers to enjoy the many benefits of this deal.

Humm also makes an important point about why time is of the essence when it comes to freeing up more spectrum for wireless use, a key reason for the merger:

Relying on the government to solve this is simply not a viable option, as proposed solutions such as a government-mandated reallocation of spectrum from national defense, broadcasters and commercial operators will take years to accomplish.

Humm’s full op-ed is worth checking out.