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Monday, July 01

End of an Era

By Brad

Today, Google is shutting down its popular RSS service Google Reader. Over at Gizmodo, Eric Limer about the effect the popular service had on him personally:

Every day I bounce between dozens of sites, each with its own purpose, its own content, its own look and feel. But inside Google Reader, the Internet—the carefully curated Internet I built, pruned, and tweaked—comes to me. And, more often than not, I don’t even have to leave its comfortingly familiar little interface to ingest what my little intranet has to offer. At its best, it’s my virtual study, a private reading room. At its worst, it’s a closet with a slop bucket on the floor. But it’s still my slop bucket close. Or it was.

It’s equally strange and accurate to say Googs and I were intimately familiar. I’ve barely been a working blogger for two years, and yet hastily scrawled napkin math suggests that I’ve spent upwards of 1,000 hours at I’ve spent more time with Google Reader than I have with some humans I consider to be friends. In a weird sort of way, it feels like I grew up there.

Meanwhile, for those who have come to rely on Google Reader for their news fixes, Slate’s Chris Kirk has put together a hand flowchart to help you pick out the best replacement.

Tuesday, December 11

Number of the Day

By Brad

1 billion, which is the number of unique users Twitter now has. That’s a lot of people chirping 130 characters at a time. (Via Mashable.)

Monday, December 03

Anniversary of the Day

By Brad

Via Aaron Souppouris of The Verge:

Twenty years ago, British engineer Neil Papworth sent the world’s first text message, “Merry Christmas,” to a mobile phone.

Here’s a staggering fact: In 2010 alone, at least six trillion text messages were sent.

Thursday, October 04

Number of the Day

By Brad

One billion — yes, billion — which is how many users Facebook now has around the world. Dino Grandoni of The Huffington Post reports:

Facebook hit the long-sought, 10-digit user mark at precisely 12.45 p.m. PT on September 14. Approximately 1 in 7 people on Earth is on Facebook, given the U.S. Census Bureau’s world population estimate of 7.04 billion

Not bad for a company founded in 2004.

Friday, July 13

Number of the Day

By Brad

One billion — yes, billion — which is the hours of streaming video Netflix hit last month, according the the company’s CEO Reed Hastings. That’s a lot of data.

Wednesday, May 09

Number of the Day

By Brad

One billion. That’s how many times the game Angry Birds has been downloaded since its launch on Apple’s iPhone in 2009.

there's more...

Monday, March 05

Number of the Day

By Brad

25 billion — yes, billion — is the number of apps that have been downloaded from the Apple App Store. Not bad for a service that launched less than four years ago.

As it turns out, the milestone app was downloaded by a customer in China, which prompted GigaOm’s Erica Ogg to write:

This is just too perfectly fitting, that a customer in a major city in China ends up symbolizing the reach, influence and internationalization of Apple’s mobile App Store over the four years since its opening…

Wednesday, November 02

That’s a Lot of Birds

By Brad

The mobile game Angry Birds, which has been a top moneymaker on the iPhone since its launch a little less than two years ago (and has since migrated to other mobile platforms) has reached a milestone: 500 million downloads.

Thursday, July 07

Milestone of the Day

By Brad

Via Apple’s website:

Apple® today announced that over 15 billion apps have been downloaded from its revolutionary App Store™ by the more than 200 million iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® users worldwide. The App Store offers more than 425,000 apps and developers have created an incredible array of over 100,000 native iPad apps.

15 billion downloads is certainly impressive. But then, so is the 200 million users of Apple’s iOS mobile software — a software, it should be noted, that was released just four years ago. Wow.

Wednesday, June 22

That’s a Lot of Visitors

By Brad

Via Amir Efrati of the Wall Street Journal, new numbers from comScore show that Google’s array of sites had — get ready for it — over one billion unique vistors last month. That’s the first time the billion benchmark has been hit by a company.

Friday, April 29

The Need For Speed

By Brad

Via Jeff Hecht from New Scientist comes word on a major milestone in bandwidth capacity:

Think your broadband internet connection is fast? Two separate research groups have just lapped the field, setting a world record by sending more than 100 terabits of information per second through a single optical fibre. That’s enough to deliver three solid months of HD video — or the contents of 250 double-sided Blu-ray discs.

For reference, the pipes between New York and Washington DC has a capacity of a handful of terabits per second.

Monday, August 02

Milestone of the Day

By Brad

On Saturday, Twitter hit 20 billion tweets. Not bad for a service that’s only been around since 2006.

Wednesday, July 28

Never Too Late to Start Networking

By Brad

The Guardian mourns the passing of the world’s oldest Twitter user:

Ivy Bean, 104, began tweeting last year from her residential home in the outskirts of Bradford, and amassed over 56,000 followers with posts telling of food, family visits, and even an invitation from Gordon Brown to meet the then prime minister in Downing Street.

Ivy had fallen ill last month, and her followers had been kept updated by Pat, the manager of Hillside Manor, over the last few weeks. It was Pat who bore the bad news today.

“Ivy passed away peacefully at 12.08 this morning,” she wrote just after 10am, adding: “I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you but it was a very difficult thing to do”.

Wednesday, June 23

The iPad Appears to be Popular

By Brad

Yesterday, Apple announced it had sold three million iPads. That’s a lot of tablets — especially since the device was only released 80 days ago.

Monday, May 17

Happy Birthday!

By Brad

Five years ago, a little video site called YouTube was launched with a single video called, simply, “Me at the zoo.”

Today, YouTube is the world’s third-most visited website, and averages 2 billion — yes, billion — video views a day. As the official YouTube blog notes, that’s close to double the amount of prime-time viewers for the three big TV networks combined.

Wednesday, April 07

Today in Dubious Achievements

By Brad


After nearly three decades, the worldwide high score for the classic video game Asteroids has finally been toppled. Wired has the scoop:

On Saturday, John McAllister sat down at a friend’s house near Portland, Oregon to play a game of Asteroids. By Monday, he was still playing.

At 10:18 p.m. Pacific, he scored 41,338,740 points, a new all-time high score. In doing so, he beat a record that has stood for over 27 years.

All told, it took McAllister 58 hours — of continual playing — to beat the record.

Wednesday, March 24

Milestone of the Day

By Brad

How big is mobile Internet becoming? According to Ericsson, very big:

Mobile data surpassed voice on a global basis during December of 2009, Ericsson announced today at the CTIA Wireless 2010 convention in Las Vegas. This finding is based on Ericsson measurements from live networks covering all regions of the world.

Ericsson’s findings show that data traffic globally grew 280% during each of the last two years, and is forecast to double annually over the next five years. The crossover occurred at approximately 140,000 Terabytes per month in both voice and data traffic. The data traffic increase is contributing to revenue growth for operators when more and more consumers use data traffic generating devices such as Smartphones and PCs. During the same period, Ericsson measurements show that traffic in 3G networks surpassed that of 2G networks.

While such a milestone is impressive, GigaOm wonders if the increased use of mobile broadband will lead to trouble down the road:

[T]hat data traffic was generated by an estimated 400 million smartphones set against 4.6 billion mobile subscribers making voice calls. What happens when everyone has a smartphone?

Wednesday, March 03

Approaching a Milestone

By Brad

Via Mashable, popular micro-blogging service Twitter is counting down to 10 billion — that’s right, billion — “tweets.” The punchline: the company has only been around since 2007.

Thursday, February 25

Today in Milestones

By Brad

Apple has announced that customers have now downloaded 10 billion — yes, billion — songs from the company’s iTunes service. Even more staggering: It took just seven years.

Friday, January 22

To Boldly Tweet…

By Brad

Today popular micro-blogging service Twitter officially achieved otherworldly status, as NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station posted their first tweet from zero gravity.

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