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Friday, January 10

Percentage of the Day

By Brad

10%, which is the amount global shipments of PCs dropped last year, as smartphones and tablets continue to gnaw away at the personal computing market.

(Via TechFlash.)

Tuesday, May 28

The Post-PC Age

By Brad

Via Brian Proffitt of Read Write Web, the days of the desktop PC may be numbered:

The contraction of the PC market continues faster than ever, eaten by the rapid growth of the tablet market, which is expected to outsell laptop and notebook devices for the first time this year and all PCs by 2015. But portable PCs may still be the saving grace for PC sales in the years ahead.

If there is anything new about the news coming out from IDC’s Quarterly PC Tracker, it’s the increase of the rate of the PC’s decline. IDC had initially predicted a decline of “1.3% in 2013 followed by a gradual increase in volume.” Now the analyst firm is predicting a sharper decline of 7.8% in 2013 and 1.2% down in 2014.

Soon we will be all mobile, all the time.

Tuesday, February 28

Changing Times

By Brad

Just how much has mobile broadband — and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets — changed the computing landscape in a short amount of time? Enough that one of the world’s leading PC makers is getting out of the business. As PC Pro’s Nicole Kobie reports:

Dell no longer sees its business as making and selling PCs, focusing instead on enterprise IT.

The claim follows Dell posting full-year results showing growth in enterprise, but a struggle in consumer sales.


Monday, September 12

The Coming PC Disruption

By Brad

Via John Paul Titlow of Read Write Web, a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the rise of tablets and smartphones — not to mention the widespread adoption of mobile broadband — will turn the PC industry on its head in the next four years. From IDC’s press release:

By 2015, more U.S. Internet users will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices.

IDC also predicts the number of Internet users worldwide will hit 2.7 — or 40% of the population — by 2015.

Wednesday, December 17

From the “What’s Next?” Department

By Brad

PC World Staff’s 10 Gifts for the Hard-Core Techie - looking for something to give that special tech enthusiast this year? Stumped? Well offers a good place to start your search. Gadgets, kits, and hacks for the geek who has everything.

Five New Innovations Promised By IBM - as reports, the ability to “talk” to the Web, information collection and retrieval systems that alleviate forgetfulness, and solar technology built into asphalt, windows and even paint are among the advances IBM sees emerging from its research labs in the next five years.

Yahoo: The Soap Opera Continues - amidst headlining news involving talks of cutting (or not cutting) a deal to outsource search to the Microsoft Corporation - including the latest from the blog at - as well as informing 1500 employees of layoffs, Yahoo unveils a new toolbar for Web Browsing. As reported here by, Yahoo unveiled a new toolbar on Monday; the latest step in its strategy to make its products more open to users and third parties. The Yahoo toolbar available later this week will allow users access to a selected group of programs from the toolbar without leaving the page they are on.

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