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Tuesday, February 28

Speaking of Mobile Devices

By Brad

CNBC reports (via Matt Burns of TechCrunch) that Apple is set to unveil the third generation of its popular iPad next week in New York. Rumors abound that the new version will be 4G LTE compatible. If so, the next leap forward in mobile broadband is about to happen.

Update: According Zach Epstein of Boy Genius Reports, Apple has sent out iPad 3 event invites for March 7 in San Francisco, not New York.

Friday, March 11

Staying Put

By Brad

On Wednesday, a rumor floated around that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski could be tapped as new Commerce Secretary, prompting John Eggerton of Multichannel News to investigate. The result:

“Chairman Genachowski is very happy at the FCC and is focused on harnessing the opportunities of the communications and technology space,” said Josh Gottheimer, the chairman’s senior counselor. “He has no intention to leave his position.”

Thursday, April 22

Rumor of the Day

By Brad

According to the London Evening Standard, Apple wants to buy ARM Holdings. Why would this be a big deal? TechCrunch provides an answer:

[I]f they did this, it would mean that almost all of Apple’s main competitors would likely have to find new chips to power their devices. While ARM doesn’t make the chips itself, it licenses out its technology to others who make the chips that go into Nokia, Sony, Samsung, HTC, and many, many other phones. This includes the iPhone and even the iPad, whose custom A4 chip is still based on ARM architecture. This also, obviously, includes phones that run Google’s Android software.

In other words, the already explosive smart phone market would suddenly be thrown into chaos. Stay tuned…

Friday, April 03

Rumor of the Day

By Brad

TechCrunch is reporting that word of Google possibly buying Twitter is making the rounds.

Why would the search giant want to purchase the 140-character leader? Clues may be found in another TechCrunch article posted in March:

More and more people are starting to use Twitter to talk about brands in real time as they interact with them. And those brands want to know all about it, whether to respond individually (The W Hotel pestered me until I told them to just leave me alone), or simply gather the information to see what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.

And all of it is discoverable at, the search engine that Twitter acquired last summer.

People searching for news. Brands searching for feedback. That’s valuable stuff.

Responding to the rumor, Twitter posted a carefully worded blog post:

It should come as no surprise that Twitter engages in discussions with other companies regularly and on a variety of subjects.

Our goal is to build a profitable, independent company and we’re just getting started.

Update: The site All Things Digital is saying the rumor is bogus:

In fact, Twitter and Google (GOOG) have simply been engaged in “some product-related discussions,” according to one source, around real-time search and the search giant better crawling the microblogging service.

Said a source close to Twitter: “There was a discussion with [Google executive Marissa Mayer’s] group about real-time search and about product stuff. It was a couple weeks ago. It was very preliminary…and that was that.”

More importantly, said another source about the idea of an imminent acquisition or serious or even early talks: “Seriously, no negotiations, no deal, nada.”

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