In Defense Of Chairman Pai


Originally appointed to the commission by President Obama, Pai is everything that many critics claim Trump nominees should be more of.

Panic in Privacy Park

Everyone agrees online privacy is important and that rules governing privacy should be malleable due to changes in technology.

Sensible Action on Midnight Regulations

The departing Obama Administration was busy in its last hours. At the FCC, former Chairman Wheeler took several last-minute actions that have been accurately called “midnight regulations.”

Talking Cybersecurity

This week’s State of the Net panel on cybersecurity, timely-named “Cyber Security Under Trump: Stopping the Hacks,” examined how the new Administration could go about addressing the increasing need for a stiffer digital defense.

FCC’s Rush to Regulate Nearly Obsolete Technology Hurts Broadband

The Street

When does deregulation become re-regulation? To watch this happen in real time, take a close look at the Federal Communications Commission, which is poised to re-impose price regulation on a market for a nearly obsolete technology at its Nov. 17 public meeting. The FCC has been looking to re-regulate this...

When A Compromise Isn’t — The Future Of Business Data Services

Investor’s Business Daily

by Bruce Mehlman Trade association INCOMPAS, which represents competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), and Verizon have been working together to “negotiate” a deal with the Federal Communications Commission. Although the terms may make perfect sense for them, they’re bad for the actual deployment and adoption of broadband infrastructure and, namely,...