Walden’s Call for Open Internet Legislation

There's a chance to forge the bipartisan alliances that have long developed the best technology policies for our nation to put consumers' interests and expectations first and produce a forward-looking bill that enshrines the principles of the open internet into law.

Broadband ROI in the Dollar-Earning Digital Economy

Morning Consult

In an economy where competition is rising and entrepreneurship is increasingly essential, high-speed internet is a critical tool that will help people supplement their income and improve their quality of life.

White House Says 5G Key to America’s Future Growth in New Report

As more and more economic activity happens online, affecting every industry, broadband itself has now become a critical national infrastructure that undergirds growth throughout the economy and ensures America preserves its competitive edge against other countries that seek to dominate increasingly global markets.

Why Broadband’s Future Hinges on Tax Reform’s Present

Tax reform may well be the most critical broadband policy question of 2017 and here’s why: Corporate tax reform is critical to the pace of economic growth, accelerating productivity and faster investment, each essential to a broadband-friendly economic environment.