Mad Men Really Did Move West

Broadcasting & Cable

Over at Broadcasting & Cable, our Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher has an op-ed on how Silicon Valley is the “new capital of content.”

A Prudent Pause for Lifeline Designations

In response to a recent editorial published by the Washington Post on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s move to delay approval of nine of the 900 Lifeline providers, our own Bruce Mehlman penned a letter disputing some of the editorial’s claims.

The Big Stream

Streaming video services aren’t just taking over living rooms, they’re increasingly becoming players in content creation and acquisition.

Encouraging Broadband Deployment

Today, new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced the creation of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, which will work with the Commission to increase — and ease regulatory roadblocks — for broadband deployment.

New Chairman in Town

Long rumored — and now made official — President Trump has named FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai the next Chairman.

Embracing Reform

"The incoming Donald Trump Administration is said to have signed off on an approach to remaking the Federal Communications Commission offered by the FCC transition team majority."

The Expected Shakeup

As January 20 rapidly approaches, the future look of the Federal Communications Commission remains cloudy.