New Rules for Old Poles Will Help Close the Digital Divide

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If we are serious about speeding broadband deployment, the FCC has to get into the nitty-gritty questions about access to poles, equipment, contractors, how long the process should take, how providers should be compensated, and similar issues.

Closing the Economic Divide is the Next Chapter of Black History


The next generation of progress for African Americans will be economic, particularly eliminating income and wealth inequality. Entrepreneurship and high-quality, high-paying jobs will be an important part of that solution, and increasing access to high-speed broadband will make closing the gaps easier.

The Tech Road Ahead

One thing we should all be able to agree on is the idea that keeping the gig economy growing should be as nonpartisan as an issue can get.

What’s the Point of Internet Access, Anyway?

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While some feel that they have no need for the internet in their daily lives, the advantages are undeniable. Broadband is a critical part of participating in America’s ever-evolving economy. It is crucial no American gets left behind.

Bridging the Homework Gap

Yesterday, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and I traveled to Philadelphia to tour String Theory Charter Schools’ Vine Street Campus (5th grade through 12th grade) and make classroom visits to see the application of modern technology in a next-generation, “Apple Distinguished School” setting. Commissioner Rosenworcel has championed changes to U.S. Internet...

Innovation Drives Improved Outcomes for Education

I am always encouraged by the ways in which technology is improving the classroom experience for students around the country. Through network-enabled devices and high-speed broadband, students and their teachers are able to harness all the Internet has to offer, including apps and content sources that can improve educational outcomes...