Today, the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) joins the Day of Action to demonstrate our support for an open internet that protects innovation and consumers. In a crowded field with many conflicting messages and a complex policy environment, our views are simple and clear:

  • Every American deserves broadband internet access and should be able to access content of the consumer’s choice free of interference from the internet service provider.
  • We urge Congress to pass legislation codifying the principles of the FCC’s 2010 Open Internet order to preserve an open internet free from blocking, discriminatory throttling, and censorship.
  • We do not believe that “Title II” regulations designed to set rates for the era of monopoly telephone are needed to advance the core principles necessary to preserve an open internet. In fact, we believe those regulations place innovation and investment at risk. To promote internet ecosystem investment and innovation, we support the passage of legislation codifying the information services status of broadband.

We encourage you, the consumers who rely on the internet in your daily lives, to join us in supporting this clear statement of what an “open internet” really means. And in the interest of concluding a decade-long debate, we repeat our call for Congress to enact legislation that embodies these principles.