FCC Promoting Dialogue

The upcoming FCC workshops will promote an open dialogue between the FCC and key constituents on matters important to the National Broadband Plan. Key constituents will include service providers, equipment providers, applications providers, community groups, and other groups that have a stake in the future of broadband. Workshops will consist of meetings held at the FCC. The public will have the opportunity to suggest meeting topics and questions for the workshops. All meetings will be broadcast over the Internet when possible, and archived for viewing at a later time to ensure that everyone has access to the content.









  Issue Coordinator Date Time
10. Public Safety and Homeland Security Jennifer Manner 8/25 9:00
11. Energy, Environment, and Transportation Nick Sinai 8/25 1:30
12. Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Private Investment Nick Maynard 8/26 9:30
13. Job Training Andrew Nesi 8/26 1:30
14. Technology/Applications and Devices James Miller 8/27 1:30
15. State and Local Governments: Toolkits and Best Practices Elise Kohn 9/1 2:00
16. Benchmarks Nick Maynard 9/2 1:30
17. Best Practices/Big Ideas Jon Peha 9/3 9:30
18. Broadband Consumer Context Rachel Kazan 9/9 1:30
19. Health Care Tom Buckley 9/15 1:30