So far, Google Glass has had a bit of a bumpy road to launch. One major hurdle for the device — which allows wearers to keep track of messages, emails, and even record video — has been its design, which can charitably be called awkward. But now, as Taylor Hatmaker of Read Write Web reports, the company is aiming to make things a bit more stylish:

In a post on its Google+ page, the Glass team announced a major new partnership with the Luxottica Group, an Italian company that quietly owns more than 80% of the world’s eyewear brands. That massive portfolio includes not only iconic eyewear makers like Ray-Ban and Oakley but also the eyewear divisions of Prada, Persol, DKNY, Versace, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and, well, the list goes on.

Whether designers of note will be able to make Google Glass more appealing to everyday consumers remains to be seen, but anything that makes users look less like a cyborg can only be a good thing.