Yesterday, Verizon CTO Tony Melone criticized the FCC’s pace when it comes to freeing up much-needed spectrum for wireless. As CNet’s Marquerite Reardon reports:

Melone said the FCC needs to speed up the process for approving spectrum sales and license transfers in the secondary market. He used his company’s own bid to buy wireless spectrum from a consortium of cable companies—collectively known as SpectrumCo—as an example. In December, Verizon promised to pay $3.6 billion for nearly 20 MHz of wireless spectrum in the AWS band.

The FCC and Department of Justice are reviewing the transaction, which also includes a co-marketing deal, which some critics say is anti-competitive. The agencies have been reviewing the deal since December when it was announced and are expected to finish up their inquiry by the end of July.

Melone said that he thinks the process, which is expected to take a little over six months, is too long. And he said it’s a barrier to getting unused wireless spectrum into companies that can put it into use. And he criticized the agency for taking too long to evaluate the transaction.

Given the increasing demand for mobile broadband — and the FCC’s own warnings that we will soon be hitting a “spectrum crunch” — it’s easy to see why Melone and other wireless providers are frustrated with the slow pace of the Commission’s process.