Today is Halloween, so fittingly Fierce Telecom has published an article highlighting “5 nightmares that keep telecom executives up at night.” Their list:

1) Patent trolls
2) Special access rules for CLECs
3) ITU regulation of the Internet
4) The packet gremlin
5) Death of the PSTN

The full article is worth checking out — and not just because it features our own Bruce Mehlman on ITU regulation:

“(I)nternational efforts to expand governmental regulation over the Internet put future investment, innovation and societal progress at risk,” [Mehlman] wrote in a recent FierceTelecom column. Regulations could stymie that progress, he added. “Yes, consensus based decision-making is slower than government fiat. But it has spurred the Internet’s unprecedented growth, providing businesses and consumers with today’s buffet of information and services.”