Over at Mashable, 13-year-old New Yorker Ruby Karp explains why teenagers are quickly moving away from Facebook. Among the reasons:

All of our parents and parents’ friends have Facebooks. It’s not just the fact that I occasionally get wall posts like, “Hello sweetie pie!” But my friends post photos that get me in trouble with those parents.

Let’s say I get invited to a party, and there’s underage drinking. I’m not drinking, but someone pulls out a camera. Even if I’m not carrying a red Solo cup, I could be photographed behind a girl doing shots. Later that week, the dumb-dumb decides to post photos from that “amazing” party. If my mom saw I was at a party with drinking, even if I wasn’t participating, I’d be dead. This isn’t Facebook’s fault, but it happens there.

Other reasons Karp cites are bullying on the social network, and the fickle nature of trends. Her entire op-ed is entertaining and worth checking out.