25 years ago this month, pro-democracy protests rocked Beijing, China. In anticipation of the anniversary, Ben Blanchard of Reuters reports, the government of China — which is not exactly Internet freedom friendly — is taking aim at Google:

Google services are being disrupted in China ahead of this week’s 25th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, a censorship watchdog said on Monday. said in a blog post that the government appeared to have begun targeting Google Inc’s main search engine and Gmail, among many other services, since at least last week, making them inaccessible to many users in China.

It added that the last time it monitored such a block was in 2012, when it only lasted 12 hours.

While we continue to debate net neutrality here in the U.S., it’s worth remembering that in China and a number of nations, threats to the open Internet are routine and ongoing. Another reason we should be careful moving forward with new regulations. After all, the whole world will be watching what we do here.