Mentioned in today’s Morning Tech email blast from Politico was Rep. Mary Bono Mack’s resolution aimed at preserving a multi-stakeholder Internet governance model, which is expected to reach the House floor today. When the resolution was first announced, we at IIA applauded it, stating:

It has never been more important for the U.S. to lead. Congress and the Administration must work to reject all top-down regulatory threats to the Internet, both foreign and domestic. As outlined by the Bono Mack resolution, the U.S. should commit to protecting the multi-stakeholder private sector model of Internet governance that paves the way for the Internet to reach its full potential and has led to economic and societal benefits beyond measure—its importance was understood by the Clinton Administration and must now be recognized by the current one.

The Bono Mack resolution has broad bi-partisan support, which is heartening to see. But if we’re going to ensure the Internet remains healthy — and a major force in the health of our economy — going forward, America also needs bipartisan support for keeping the Internet free from needless regulations here at home. That’s the only way private investment will continue to flow into what is arguably the greatest communication tool in history.