Earlier this week, our own Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher appeared on NPR’s “All Tech Considered” to discuss online privacy. The full segment is available for your listening pleasure, but here’s the exchange involving Boucher:

BRIAN NAYLOR, BYLINE: Maybe the first thing we should point out is that the Internet service providers, ISPs, like Comcast and Verizon don’t like these FCC regulations. Their point is that the other big internet companies like Google and Facebook play by a different, less-restrictive set of rules even though they have access to a lot of the same data as the ISPs. Google and Facebook are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, not the Federal Communications Commission.

Former Congressman Rick Boucher is with the Internet Innovation Alliance, an advocacy group for broadband access. Boucher says there shouldn’t be two sets of privacy requirements for two types of companies in the first place.

RICK BOUCHER: My view is that the consumer is better off if we have one unified set of privacy requirements and it applies across the entire Internet ecosystem to the local companies like Comcast or AT&T or Verizon as well as to the companies that supply information like Facebook or Amazon or Google.

NAYLOR: So here’s where we stand. Starting as soon as next month, Internet providers will have to ask their subscribers for permission to use their data. Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona says he plans to introduce a measure to kill what he calls the unnecessary and confusing regulation altogether.