With wireless providers in desperate need of more spectrum, the FCC has been working toward making its incentive auctions happen sometime next year. But as John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable reports, Sen. Mark Pryor, chairman of the Senate Communications Subcommittee, believes the Commission may not hit the target:

Asked about the state of the FCC incentive auctions, Pryor said he would be “totally fine” with holding those auctions in 2014, but has heard “rumors” it could slide into 2015 and “guessed” it might just make that slide.

Broadcasters have been arguing that the FCC should not hold itself to 2014, but work on getting the auction “done right rather than right away.” The FCC’s incentive auction point people have suggested it can get it right and meet that 2014 deadline, though that deadline is not set in stone.

Not so fast, the FCC told Eggerton in a follow-up report:

“The Commission’s world-class incentive auction team of economists, auction experts, and engineers is making steady progress towards holding the world’s first incentive auction in 2014; which will free up significant spectrum for mobile broadband use,” said [acting chair Mignon Clyburn’s] spokesman. “The auction is a top institutional priority and we are on track to help deliver faster speeds, greater capacity, and more ubiquitous wireless connectivity to consumers and businesses across the country.”