Following President Trump signing the recent Congressional Review Act (CRA) regarding internet privacy rules, IIA Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher and Co-Chairman Bruce Mehlman issued the following statement:

In striking the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) inconsistent broadband privacy rules, Congress and the Administration have now paved the way to return to a comprehensive, consistent and straightforward privacy framework for the internet ecosystem. The Wheeler FCC crafted a haphazard privacy framework that removed the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) authority over Internet Service Providers and derailed two decades of FTC privacy oversight that protected consumers’ sensitive online information.

We are pleased that today’s action eliminates the FCC’s rules that would have provided varying degrees of data protection based solely on what type of internet company accesses your data. We look forward to working with both the FCC and FTC to ensure the nation’s consumers will soon benefit from a consistent broadband privacy framework that protects data and continues to promote internet innovation.