Earlier today, we held a Twitterview with innovative social company Audingo, which provides a social platform for fans to connect with their favorite personalities by phone, audio text, audio email, and even video. You can check out the condensed version of our interview via our respective Twitter handles (@iiabroadband, @audingo). Here’s the extended interview. — IIA

What type of business is Audingo?

Audingo is a pioneer in the audio-visual social media space. We offer a mobile platform that gives users the opportunity to hear directly from organizations and personalities that they choose via personalized audio and video messages in the form of a call, text or email. It’s a great way for a company or a celebrity to cultivate a loyal fan base with regular outreach to supporters in a one-to-one format. An organization could also use it, for example, to communicate with a vast network of members or employees.

Does your business impact consumers? If so, how?

Both use of social media and online video consumption have skyrocketed. Audingo fuses these trends and delivers messages in a format that consumers are embracing more and more. As reported by Reuters, DreamWorks Animation Chief Jeffrey Katzenberg recently predicted that the future of social media “moves from text-based communication to video and audio-based, making it more intuitive and instinctual.” Audingo is on the leading edge of technology.

How does broadband relate to your business?

Audingo hinges on the availability of broadband, particularly mobile broadband. It’s required for the delivery of Audingo messages and emails to users’ cellphones/smartphones — the data rides over wireless networks.

How has high-speed broadband or wireless broadband helped build, develop, transform or grow your business?

Mobile technology is becoming ever-more embedded in everyday life. The rise of the smartphone has paved a clear path for the development of Audingo, with users’ wireless devices in their pockets at nearly all times. A majority of Americans can now be reached by text, email or a phone call (almost) whenever, wherever. How does broadband come into play? Smartphones were invented when wireless broadband networks were in place to support the technology.

Does your business rely on access to wireless broadband? If so, in what capacity?

Without wireless broadband, Audingo wouldn’t be able to reach subscribers via text message or deliver video messages to their phones via our enterprise level architecture platform. And, obviously, our mobile application that allows organizations and personalities to easily create messages and send to subscribers using their smartphone depends on access to wireless broadband.

Is spectrum, the invisible airwaves that carry voice and data signals to and from electronic devices, critical to the future of your business? If so, how?

Consumers need good reception to make or receive calls on their cellphones and surf the web, check email or use mobile apps on their smartphones. Audingo is committed to efficiently delivering messages from our clients, organizations and public figures. That’s only possible if enough spectrum is available for wireless carriers to reliably support the explosion in mobile.

How would a “spectrum crunch” impact your business?

A spectrum crunch would mean that calls could be dropped in the middle of an audio Audingo message being delivered by phone call – and that would be completely out of our control. It could mean that text and email Audingos are delayed from reaching recipients – maybe even so much that they’re no longer timely. Audingo is very aware of the need for policymakers to take action now to prevent an extreme spectrum crunch from coming to be.