Agtech startup Plenty is turning the traditional idea of “flat farming” on its head and pioneering a future for vertical farming – an indoor farming technique with the potential to yield more crops all while using less resources and land space. Vertical farming is getting its start from the fact that the world’s land capacity for economically growing fresh fruits and vegetables is largely in use. Plenty hopes to increase this capacity by rethinking the industry using modern tech.

Indoor vertical farming replaces sunlight with LED, while AI and robots manage resource optimization in order to grow faster, bigger, and better crops. It is a process that can be done anywhere in the world, increasing the potential for more regions to grow local produce regardless of their climate or terrain. The benefits from this style of farming could be significant, including 400x greater yield per acre and a 95% reduction in water usage.

Watch this conversation with TechFirst’s John Koetsier and Plenty co-founder and CSO Nate Storey to learn more.