Custom eyeglass company Fitz Frames recently shifted its business focus to include protective eyewear for frontline medical workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new Fitz Protect eyewear line uses an app to scan a healthcare worker’s face to ensure a perfect fit. The information is then relayed to a manufacturing facility where the custom glasses are produced using a 3D printer. They are available in both prescription and non-prescription and offer critical protection against harmful droplets reaching the eyes.

“[Frontline medical workers are] pulling 12-, 18-hour shifts and [Fitz Protect glasses] are much more comfortable than the other options they have, and, they work really well in conjunction with other PPE,” said Gabe Schlumberger, CEO of Fitz Frames. “The more medical professionals who can get these and hopefully prevent them from getting infected, the better.”

Watch this video about Fitz Protect eyewear: