Communications vehicles and compact rapid deployables (CRDs), which provide cell and internet service where there is no signal or limited reception, are among the deployable assets that AT&T, which is the carrier for what is called FirstNet, offers public safety agencies throughout the country. FirstNet, which equips first responders with the cutting-edge technology and extra support they need during natural disasters and emergencies, has more than 90 satellite trucks and deployables stationed across the country. In addition to technological innovations, such as a drone called a Flying cell on wings (COW) that can go up about 400 feet and is tethered by an umbilical cord, FirstNet also deploys ROG the Dog, which is a fleet of trained labradoodle therapy dogs. Public safety agencies use these resources during natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornados. With the goal of boosting connectivity for first responders, FirstNet steps in to uphold cellular communication and data communication when fixed communication channels are severed.