In March, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Harvard Medical School (HMS) to move entirely to remote learning. While most schools forced to move online faced challenges, medical schools like HMS that teach students via human touch and interaction faced a particularly difficult set of obstacles.

In response, HMS turned to telemedicine as a way for students to conduct standardized patient exams remotely under the supervision of faculty. Learning how to set up and execute televisits was also incorporated into student coursework — a skill that is likely to become increasingly more important for medical practitioners.

“It’s amazing that we’ve gone from zero to 60 on the telemedicine front. I think we’ve been talking about it as a concept, but then once the pandemic came, it was amazing how quickly everything geared up and was no longer, ‘Should we do this?’ It was, ‘We’ve got to do this.”
— John Dalrymple, Associate Dean for Medical Education Quality Improvement, Harvard Medical School

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