In 2020, after almost 30 years of research and development, Boston Dynamics began selling Spot, a robot that has successfully undertaken hazardous tasks in a variety of inhospitable environments such as nuclear plants, offshore oil fields, construction sites, and mines. According to the company, the robot has advanced mobility, autonomy, control, and customizability to improve operational efficiency, enhance worker safety, and gather critical data.

Spot customers can fully operationalize continuous, autonomous data collection on remote or hazardous worksites of any size, from anywhere they have access to their network. And now – the company announced yesterday – that AT&T will provide private 5G network connectivity for its Spot human- and dog-shaped robots.

Spot CORE I/O customers in the US will be able to use the payload to connect to AT&T’s network and will be able to teleoperate Spot immediately through this payload. Public 5G teleoperation will be made available in the near future.

Watch Spot’s launch video below: