As families look for ways to help older relatives stay in their own homes and be independent as long as possible amid rising healthcare costs and a caregiver shortage, one digital health innovation on the horizon is getting attention.

Addison, the Virtual Caregiver is 3D, animated, and very well connected. Her pleasant and natural manner drew a crowd at CES 2020.

Consisting of touch-screen consoles and sensors set up throughout a home or other location, the system can monitor vital signs and medications (“Addison, I forgot. Did I take my medications tonight?” “Janet, that’s what I’m here for”); guide a person through rehabilitation or memory exercises; lead fitness routines; demonstrate medical equipment; support mental health; get prescriptions called in; and provide 24/7 emergency response. Family members and care providers can connect with her too.

The New Mexico-based company Electronic Caregiver is working to have Addison enter the market as a Medicare-based remote patient monitoring solution and are planning an initial rollout to assisted- and independent-living centers this year.

Check out Addison’s video demo.