This week, the FCC begins a new chapter in a long debate over the future of the internet. Our position is clear: We favor an open internet, including core network neutrality requirements that assure the ability of internet users to access the content of their choosing without interference from Internet Service Providers. Edge providers rely on net neutrality guarantees to reach their customers, and ISPs have fully incorporated these principles into their business operations.

Monopoly-style regulation from the days of rotary phones is simply inappropriate in today’s competitive, innovative broadband marketplace. The Hundt, Kennard, Powell, Martin, and Genachowski Commissions were correct when they declared and/or affirmed broadband as an information service, and the FCC was wrong when it later made the decision to place it under Title II. Their bipartisan agreement in favor of light-touch regulation fueled the explosive growth of the internet ecosystem. Returning to that framework will offer many benefits to the American people by encouraging investment in broadband networks, which will also spur job and economic growth.

Congress should enact bipartisan compromise legislation that gives legal certainty to network neutrality and re-affirms broadband is an information service. Congressional action will provide the predictable framework needed for investment and avoid an endless cycle of re-regulation and de-regulation.

We commend the Commission for beginning this work.