At the FCC’s mHealth Summit on June 6th, Chairman Julius Genachowski stated that “innovation at the intersection of communications technology and health care is essential to the quality of care for all Americans. High-speed Internet, wired and wireless, is helping doctors and scientists do their jobs better and faster. It’s giving consumers access to better information, tools and technologies. It is transforming our health care system.”

There is a tremendous need for telepsychiatry in America. According to a two-year program on pediatric telepsychiatry by the University of Texas Medical Branch, telemedicine in this field could yield significant results. On Tuesday, June 12th, program leader Dr. Alexander Vo will share the why and how behind the two-year demonstration, critical success factors like high-speed Internet at community organizations, and his recommendations for the use of technologies like mobile broadband to make telemedicine effective and widely available.

The webinar’s presenters will include:

• Alexander H. Vo, PhD, Vice President of Electronically Mediated Services at Colorado Access
Jamal Simmons, political analyst for CNN and CBS News, co-chairman of the IIA

“Telepsychiatry: Broadband’s Impact on Psychiatric Care for Children, Veterans and the Underserved”

What: Webinar hosted by the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) and Colorado Access presenting the results of a two-year pilot program on pediatric telepsychiatry by the University of Texas Medical Branch

When: Tuesday, June 12th at 11am ET/8am PT


Why: This webinar will explore the important role that telemedicine and telepsychiatry play in today’s health care system. The discussion will reflect on the outcome of a two-year pilot program on telepsychiatry for children and special communities, such as veterans and the underserved.