The FCC today voted to adopt its Restoring Internet Freedom Order on Remand, concluding that the Order promotes public safety, facilitates broadband infrastructure deployment, and allows the Commission to continue to provide Lifeline support for broadband internet access service.

Below is a response statement from the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA):

“We warmly welcome the FCC’s decision today to adopt an Order on Remand that strongly reaffirms its fundamental decision in the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. Addressing certain issues raised by a court reviewing that Order, the Commission has wisely concluded that the Order reclassifying broadband as an information service promotes public safety, furthers broadband deployment, and supports the Lifeline program.

“Today’s vote is an important step towards ending the litigation that has arisen out of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. Title II proponents’ predictions of anti-competitive behaviors by service providers have failed to materialize, and the Order has succeeded in driving more investment and innovation in broadband. It encourages rapid deployment of advanced broadband services, reaffirms U.S. global leadership in broadband, and brings our national goal of universal broadband closer. A light-touch regulatory framework for rapidly-evolving broadband networks is the best policy approach, both now and in the future.”