Deloitte has released a startling new report that exams how a lack of spectrum available for wireless use is threatening America’s lead in mobile broadband. Among the report’s findings:

• Policymakers need to address the potential spectrum deficit as well as new approaches to spectrum management.

• Investment in mobile broadband over the next four years could potentially increase the GDP by up to $151 billion and support over 700,000 jobs.

• Despite the private sector and the government working to address a spectrum shortage, demand for mobile broadband may “overwhelm the system,” especially as usage branches out from consumers to other sectors such as cars, traffic management, and health care.

Also in the report is what Deloitte calls the “Mobile Communications National Achievement Index,” which tracked wireless in 20 countries from 2004 to 2011. As Deloitte notes, for much of that span the U.S. enjoyed a comfortable lead over other countries when it came to wireless investment and usage. But in recent years, other countries have gained ground, which means if the U.S. is going to continue leading the world it will mean “maintaining a robust and adaptable wireless infrastructure capable of offering new services and meeting growing demand.