This week, the tech industry, tech reporters, and tech enthusiasts have descended on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. Over at Forbes, Eric Savitz has penned a preview highlighting four trends for this year’s show. Chief among them is what Savitz calls the “post-smartphone era,” which he describes as:

[E]arly commercials for the first iPhone show that it really was originally designed primarily as a mobile telephone. Now 65% of mobile phone use time is in non-communications activities. The eco-system is becoming less beholden to the phone. There are unintended consequences of phones and tablets becoming hub devices: TV remotes, power notebook computers, measure blood pressure, weigh babies, etc.

With the gadgets we carry with us doing so much more than transmitting our voices, transforming the backbones that keep our gadgets connected — a transition to all IP-based networks — will be increasingly important.  As Savitz also notes in his piece, 350 million IP devices are expected to ship this year, which means keeping up with demand will require more and more investment.

We’ll have more highlights from CES throughout the week.