We’ve written about audio-visual social networking service Audingo before. Today they launched a new blog examining the fast-moving industry. The first post offers a handy primer on how far social networking has come in a relatively short amount of time:

In 1999, Friends Reunited – considered by many to be the first successful online social network – was founded in Great Britain to help users relocate past school buddies. In 2002, social networking site Friendster debuted in the U.S. and grew to three million users in three months. MySpace and LinkedIn were introduced on Friendster’s heels in 2003, and Facebook captivated the world a year later. In 2006, Twitter was launched as a social networking and microblogging site, allowing users to send and receive 140-character tweets.

What’s interesting about Audingo is the company’s belief that the next revolution in social networking is making it more human. Or, as they put it:

Audingo recognizes that the human voice and facial expressions convey more than written words alone ever could. And as DreamWorks Animation Chief Jeffrey Katzenberg last year predicted, the future of social media “moves from text-based communication to video and audio-based, making it more intuitive and instinctual.” Audingo has made the future the now.