Our Co-Chair Bruce Mehlman has penned an opinion piece for The Hill on spectrum, innovation, and the role of government regulations. Here’s a taste:

The fact is that innovation is inherently unpredictable. But it’s also the best solution for consumers. With wireless markets so rapidly-changing – and with remedies to actual uncompetitive behavior far preferable to preemptive strikes against theoretical risks – policy makers would do best to act with humility in their own predictive powers and with faith in wireless markets’ proven resistance to capture.

It is nice to have a national broadband strategy and Presidential targets. But no amount of jawboning from the bully pulpit can take the place of private investment and market-based competition. Our nation does not need new laws and new regulations…we need more government spectrum dedicated to consumer use and fewer limitations on which wireless carriers can obtain additional spectrum and deploy more robust networks.

You can read the full op-ed in The Hill.