24.1 million, which is the number of tweets during this year’s Super Bowl. Via Stan Schroeder of Mashable:

Twitter counts tweet volume in tweets per minute, and by that measure, Beyonce was the biggest star of the event, with the conclusion of her show generating 268,000 TPM.

The end of the game generated 183,000 TPM, and the 108-yard kickoff return TD for the Ravens by Jacoby Jones generated 185,000 TPM. Still, both moments were bested by the power outage in the second half, which generated 231,500 TPM.

About that power outage, which delayed the game for over an hour, the Huffington Post’s Jillian Berman reports the blackout turned into an advertising win for enterprising — and fast — companies:

Just minutes after the blackout started brands began bidding for the search term “power outage” on Twitter, according to Bloomberg. While television commentators bumbled to stall up time, brands ranging from Walgreen’s to Audi turned to the social media platform and got themselves in front of millions of eyes, the Financial Times reports. And it seemed to work; one clever Twitter post by Oreo was retweeted at least 13,100 times, according to Bloomberg.