Spectrum Action Now

In an op-ed for The Hill‘s Congress Blog, Mobile Future chairman Jonathan Spalter argues it’s critical to free up more spectrum for mobile broadband to keep up with

Flashback Friday

25 years before Apple’s Siri took people by storm, IBM was touting its own voice-recognition technology.

The Issue of Spectrum

In a column for Forbes, tech industry consultant Scott Cleland urges Congress to take a greater role when it comes to valuable spectrum auctions: [T]he more unbounded social-engineering

Speaking of Piracy

While Congress is taking a step back on bills aimed at tackling the issue, the Department of Justice and the F.B.I. are being more active. As Ben Sisario

Protests & Piracy

Earlier this week, a number of popular online sites — including Wikipedia and Google — went “dark” in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect

Sad News of the Day

Via Ramona Emerson of The Huffington Post, the world is missing a genius today: Computer prodigy and Microsoft’s youngest certified professional Arfa Karim passed away this weekend. She

In Plain Sight

Over at The New York Times, Riva Richmond writes about a particularly brazen group of hackers in Russia: The men live comfortable lives in St. Petersburg — and


Via Terril Yue Jones and Lucy Hornby of Reuters, things got a little out of hand at the recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S in Beijing, China: Enraged

Congress and Spectrum Auctions

In a post on AT&T’s Public Policy Blog, the company’s Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs, Jim Ciconni, argues that Congress and not the FCC