In my opinion, Holman Jenkins is consistently one of the smartest and most engaging writers about the intersection of broadband, investment, and policy. In today’s Wall Street Journal he has a doozie of a column on how dysfunction in Washington is knee-capping broadband investment. The full column is required reading, but here’s a highlight:

Today the cry of “spectrum crisis” is being used to regulate wireless.

But there is no shortage of spectrum; as much spectrum exists as ever has existed. Rather, there is spectrum starvation—a new and fast-growing user, the wireless industry, is being starved of spectrum its customers would willingly pay for because of an archaic government allocation system in which economic logic does not penetrate.

Like food rotting on a dock, only politics and policy prevents spectrum from getting where it’s needed.

If you care about the health of the wireless industry — and if you care about the health of America’s economy, you should — then head on over to the Wall Street Journal and check out what Jenkins has to say.