RVA Market Research and Consulting estimates that $135 billion will be invested in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) from 2023 to 2027, barring significant unforeseen economic or geopolitical disruption. The fiber broadband investment forecast indicates that 63 million homes have fiber broadband available now, including about five million that have two or more sources of fiber available. The detailed analysis, titled “2023-2024 North American Fiber Broadband Report: FTTH and 5G Review And Forecast”, also forecasts over 100 million new fiber passings in the United States over the next 10 years or so, largely to primary homes, homes being passed by two or more providers, and second homes and short-term rental properties.

The $135 billion forecasted by RVA over the next five years exceeds ALL investment in FTTH that has occurred to date.

RVA has significantly increased its projections from research that it conducted two years ago, when it said that more than $60 billion would be invested in FTTH initiatives during the subsequent five years.