A recent report from Pepperdine University economist James Prieger found 5G network deployment will create 8.5 million jobs between 2019-2025.

5G network construction, industry capital expenditures, and consumer spending on 5G-enabled devices are expected to be significant drivers of job growth in cities throughout the country, leading to an estimated 250,000 jobs in Los Angeles, 120,000 jobs in New York City, 22,000 in Pittsburgh, and 2,700 jobs in Roanoke.

An excerpt from the study:

The broadest impact on the labor market comes from new employment opportunities through the way 5G will enable new applications, services, ways of doing business, and general growth of businesses… These workers will earn more than $560 billion during that time, create $1.7 trillion in additional output, and add over $900 billion to U.S. GDP.