“The majority of American consumers now have dependable internet access,” according to Amdocs. In a new internet satisfaction survey commissioned by Amdocs and conducted by researchers at Dynata, 89% of respondents said they have reliable access. Two out of five consumers said they never have an issue with their home internet connection, and half (49%) said that they are happy with their home connection, only occasionally having issues.

Nearly seven in 10 (68%) survey respondents reported having internet that doesn’t limit their job, school or career opportunities – which means they have connections fast enough for tasks such as video calls and multiple users on the same connection, at the same time.

The survey showed that 84% of respondents consider internet access a necessity. Sixty-one percent felt it is important to close the digital divide before the 2024 election. Nearly half of consumers said it’s the responsibility of the federal government, including Congress, to ensure fair internet access. Just 18% of respondents said it’s up to companies.