Nine in 10 (87%) of U.S. homes now have internet service compared to 83% in 2016 and 69% in 2006, according to Leichtman Research’s new study Broadband Internet in the U.S. 2021. Of households with internet service at home, 98% have high-speed broadband, up from 81% in 2016 and 42% in 2006.

Three out of five broadband subscribers say they are very satisfied with their ISP, while only 7% are not satisfied. Seven in 10 subscribers agree that their ISP meets the needs of their household; just 4% disagree.

In terms of speed, 63% of broadband subscribers rate the speed of their internet connection 8-10 (with 10 being excellent), while 7% rate it 1-3 (with 1 being poor). More than 69% of survey respondents reporting internet speeds of 100+ Mbps – the minimum standard to which new broadband deployments will be built with funding allocated by the bipartisan infrastructure bill – are very satisfied with their service.