The average American gamer spends about $76 each month – about $912 per year – on gaming, including internet services, in-app purchases, new games and gaming equipment, according to a Pollfish survey. The survey by All Home Connections polled 1,000 gamers ages 16 through 65.

To compare, Americans recently reported spending about $564 per year on average for streaming service subscriptions. Gamers also spend more on gaming than health & fitness and travel.

Nearly a quarter (22.3%) say they spend between $1 and $30 on gaming per month, and 18% report spending between $121 and $150.

Millennials spend the most on gaming: about $86 per month on average, with two-in-five (41.6%) reporting they shell out between $91 and $150 each month. Gen Z spends $80 per month on average, followed by Gen Xers ($62/month) and boomers ($52/month). 

What’s more, male gamers spend more than female gamers, averaging about $85 per month compared to the $69 per month of female gamers.

The average spending on gaming adds up to about $58,000 over the course of a typical lifetime.