In a new report, Actual Experience estimates that European homes suffering from “poor broadband” connections leads to a loss to the UK economy of about £1,000 per worker, or £60 billion per year in total.

Summarized by The Telegraph, a Savanta ComRes poll of UK employees who work from home regularly found that IT problems had been experienced by 89% of respondents, and 27% of those found that these happened “very” or “fairly” often.

Of interest, finds average U.S. broadband speeds to be twice as fast as UK speeds, which has been echoed by other sources, as well.

According to a 2021 USTelecom report, the U.S. leads the EU in broadband infrastructure deployment, by 12 percentage points at 30 Mbps and 25 percentage points for ≥100 Mbps. Broadband companies invest more than three times as much in telecommunications infrastructure per household in the U.S. than in the EU—about $700 per home each year.

Sharply contrasting with the resilience of U.S. networks, former Congressman Rick Boucher pointed out that Netflix and YouTube were forced to slow down streaming speeds in Europe during the pandemic to handle the flood of demand. “The divergence is likely due to dissimilar regulatory models that have driven different levels of investment,” he said.