According to Nielsen, in July 2023, linear TV viewership—via broadcast and cable networks—fell below half of total TV and streaming for the first time.

Up from 37.7 percent of TV viewing in June, streaming hit an all-time high of 38.7 percent of all TV usage. Last month was the third consecutive month that streaming’s share of TV use hit a high and that Nielsen clocked an increased share of viewers’ time devoted to streaming.

Broadcast networks slid to just 20 percent of viewing in July, from 20.8 percent in June. Cable was measured at 29.6 percent, a decrease from 30.6 percent the prior month. When Nielsen started its monthly rankings in June 2021, broadcast and cable claimed 63.6 percent of all TV use in the United States, compared to 49.6 percent in July.

Streaming, on the other hand, has climbed from just over a quarter (26%) of viewing in June 2021 to 38.7 percent in July, a 48 percent increase.