Telemedicine is a growing segment of the U.S. healthcare system. Today, hospitals, specialty clinics, and other healthcare organizations have embraced telemedicine-based services for their potential to provide high-demand care in mental, rural, and foreign health markets. And with advancements in telecommunications technology, telemedicine is expected to continue to grow. For example, ultra-fast 5G mobile broadband would lead to more patients utilizing telemedicine services due to better quality conferencing with doctors and greater capabilities of broadband-enabled tools that facilitate testing and monitoring.

The statistic below shows the percentage of patients that continued using telemedicine services after their initial visit, according to a survey conducted among U.S. healthcare executives and providers in Q4 2017. According to the results, 33 percent of respondents stated that half or more of their patients continued using telemedicine services after their initial visit.

Source: “2017 Telemedicine and Digital Health Survey