Today, the FCC took steps to jumpstart greater investment in America’s next-generation broadband networks and services. IIA is focused on policies that encourage more investment in broadband while maintaining a level playing field in the telecommunications sector, and today’s actions take the country in that direction. The nation’s consumers and businesses should benefit from today’s pro-investment wireline, wireless, and Business Data Services (BDS) actions.

We applaud the next steps in the technology transition from antiquated legacy copper-based networks to next-generation broadband networks and removing barriers to investment in wireline networks. Similarly, we support the Commission’s examination of regulatory impediments that harm deployment of wireless networks as the nation begins the transition to 5G. And as we have said many times in the past, after 12 years of discussion, meaningful BDS reform will encourage investment in the modern networks that businesses and other large users of data need, all in light of a highly competitive BDS market.

We are encouraged by FCC actions to provide an environment that invites further infrastructure investment in the U.S. at a time when it is critically needed. There are more steps to take to strengthen the American economy and broadband to fuel economic growth, and we expect future FCC action to benefit consumers and businesses. We congratulate the FCC on its leadership so early in a new Administration and look forward to working with them to advance a bright future for broadband.