In a piece today for Fierce Telecom, our Co-Chair Jamal Simmons argues that in order to keep pace with speed of technology, the government should mainly focus on policies that continue to encourage investment. Here’s a taste:

Driven by the hunger of consumers and the ambition of entrepreneurs, the technology industry is rapidly evolving, far faster than the speed of government. For the government to craft regulations that handicap some technologies and advantage others – or to pick corporate winners and losers – will stifle the private investment needed for the innovation that leads to the next big thing, making stars of also-rans like Apple and preventing the spark for companies that don’t exist today but could be household names in a handful of years. Until policy makers unearth a crystal ball, they should act with humility, taking care to foster an investment-friendly environment that will lead to a future brighter than we can imagine.

You can read the entire op-ed over at Fierce Telecom.